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Things that I am doing right now - The whisper in your sighs

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April 18th, 2012

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08:09 pm - Things that I am doing right now
I am currently:
-Teaching two classes
-Coaching and evaluating 10 teachers
-Creating our master school schedule for next year
-Training for a half marathon in a week and a half
-Hiring teachers for next year
-Planning a wedding.

On the wedding front, we're pretty good, except we JUST realized this past weekend that we should probably have wedding bands or something. We are getting inscriptions that read "גם זה יעבור" (Jeff's) and "Et hoc transibit" (not quite historically accurate, but it will work). Parents + family don't know we're having a civil union instead of a marriage, which is just fine. We have clothes to wear, food to eat, hotel rooms to stay in, a person to take pictures, and music. Pretty much everything else is irrelvant.

On the job front, I still ridiculously love my job even though it irritates me sometimes. I just feel so lucky to work in a job that makes me feel challenged each and every day. I've had to become more self-reflective and self-aware, while also developing the ability to take on different roles and conjure up emotions to control the moods, opinions, and success of others.

I have the most amazing group of freshmen girls. Literally, they are amazing. They are resilient and strong and brilliant and flawed and funny and thoughtful and sweet. We have been the advisory in the school with the highest average GPA for two quarters straight -- that is despite freshmen not having the opportunity to take AP courses for 5.0 credit. Last week was the 16th birthday of Moesha, who is a struggling student. She has missed over 30 days of school, begs me to buy her a deadbolt for her bedroom so that her MOM and brothers don't smoke in her room, and is severely overweight. Without prompting, one girl in my advisory brought cupcakes for the entire class in honor of her birthday, even though they aren't particularly close. The look on Moesha's face was priceless. I don't know if anyone has ever done anything so thoughtful. It was so inspriring and I felt like I was going to cry from the thoughtfulness. We all sang happy birthday and Moesha smiled and smiled and it was beautiful.

My girls have the best sense of humor. They are social activists. We had an amazing conversation about the Trayvon Martin case.

My girls will change the trajectory and future of their families' lives. They may change the world.

Watch out for these girls.
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

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