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Race hits me in the face... - The whisper in your sighs

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December 22nd, 2011

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09:38 pm - Race hits me in the face...
It's the day before winter break, and I had two conversations today that made me realize (once again) that my students are struggling with race everyday:

Conversation #1:
Aaliyah: "Ms. Eggert, will you adopt me?"
Me: "Why do you want to adopt me?"
Aaliyah: "I want to be white."
Me: "Why?"
Aaliyah: sighs. "I just want to know what it feels like."

Conversation #2: 112th and Cottage Grove. I drove Korsica and her gifts donated to her family from E &Y to her home.
Me; "Do you want me to help you carry the presents up, or do you want to make two trips?"
Korsica: Pauses. "Are you sure? You're not scared?"
Me: "Why would I be scared?"
Korsica: "well...it's a black neighborhood."

The attitudes my students have towards themselves makes me cry. I assured Korsica that I was not afraid because I was in a black neighborhood, and I helped her carry her things up to her home. It was dark. No one was home.
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