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My life is an experience in dichotomies. The gaps. The difference… - The whisper in your sighs

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December 7th, 2011

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08:26 pm
My life is an experience in dichotomies. The gaps. The difference between me and them. I see my kids, and I remember my childhood, and I ache for them. I see the rage, the sadness, the confusion, and I wonder what they would be like if they lived at 7 Harvard Lane. I wonder what they would be like if their parents sat them down at a desk every night in a quiet room to do homework.

I had every opportunity in the world, and the world hates my kids...and it's not their fault. They make bad decisions, but they are kids. I made bad decisions, but it was ok -- my environment was such that I was never going to fail. Not really. I get sick as I read comments on blogs, or on news sites, or on TV when people talk about my kids. They don't know. Don't say their unmotivated, don't say they are slow. They are better than I ever was.

6% of African American males in Chicago Public Schools go to college. 6%. It disgusts me, it makes me feel desperate, it empowers me, it drives me forward. I work 70-90 hours per week because I know my students deserve more. I know they can do more. I believe in the power of education. I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. This is my passion, and I may not talk about anything else, but little else matters to me. These are my kids. James Madison. Quintis. Christina. Thomas. Aleah. Cornell. Ronnie. Lateef. Tevin. Devon. Trayvon. Aaliyah. Erica.

Quiet desperation. I see it every day. Loud defiance. I fight it every day. I wish everyone could spend some time at my school, so that they could understand.
Current Mood: Passionate

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